Arise News – Breaking “English Language” With Reporter Ozzy & Guest Legal Practitioner Barrister Yemi Kasali joke.com.ng

A viewer from Arise News Sent in this

Today Wednesday 18th Arise News Program Featured A Grammar Bending  Infused Show

  1.  Reporter Ozy Pronounce Puzzle as Poozle !   ( thats too bad Ozy )
  2. 2. Guest Speaker Yemi Kasali Pronouncing issue as  HiShu !
  3. Kasali Did a Great Job on the Topic of Immigration but Viewers are of the opinion that his English with a little more polishing the sky is the limit  for him !

The Arise  Interviewers in Contrast were of Queens English –  Impeccable  Phonetics Accent Tone & Pronunciation !   🙂🙂


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