Joke ! Current Bride price for Nigerian Ladies in 2019 from the Ministry of Women Affairs is out at last

Women.com.ng for full list

The current Bride price for Nigerian Ladies in 2019 from the Ministry of Women Affairs is out at last,these mber season let nobody bring up any stories,..No buying of gift’s and outings suspended,iPhone can wait fess,all the marriage plan’s are in place already and we the son’s of ZION are ready NOW..

LADIES, Please check your names and know your Price then ask your ppl to send us E-mail..

1. Patience N77,600
2. Esther N7,200
3. Margret N28,000
4. Joy N99,800
5. Maria N15,000
6. All the Ada is N83,200 but Adaora is 150k
7. Maureen N4,600
8. Nancy N81,000
9. Charity N3,200
10. Irene N62,000
11. Grace N21,000
12. Susan FREE
13. Tina N6,350
14. Loveth N98,000
15. Blessing N8,980
16. Doris/Dorcas N32,140
17. Juliana/Juliet/all d juju- N11,300
18. Emmanuella N81,000
19. Vivian N2,460
20. Cynthia N24,600
21. Racheal N26,000
22. Abigail N17,600
23. Jennifer FREE
24. Rose N61,000
25. Winnie N82,750
26. Tabitha N79,250
27. Peace FREE
28. Ruth N1,200
29. Janet N24,960
30. Sarah N5,500
31. Rejoice N33,200
32. Gloria N41,000
33. Agnes N37,300
34. Nnena N99,780
35. Ifeoma FREE
36. Comfort N49,000
37. Oluchi N50,880
38. Uju N10,000
39. Christabel N37,500
40. Happiness N46,000
41. Dorathy N59,000
42. Vera N63,500
43. Blessing FREE
44. Lucy N16,000
45. Omotena N2,500 + make-up kit
46. Hannah N3,200
47. Florence N800
48. Mercy N21,000
49. Queen FREE
50.Amaka N1500 + ice cream

If u can’t find ur name on this list u can’t marry this year wait till next year batch..even ordinary Amaka & blessing wey dey rein everywhere for Abuja their name’s are here,na u know where u Waka go ..


Women.com.ng for full list




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