Ridiculous Situations in Nigeria that you would be called "ASEWO" as a Lady

Nigerian young and beautiful women go through a lot in the country. One of which is been called a harlot or prostitute at the slightest chance, situation, and provocation. The most annoying part is that this word has been given another awkward name popularly known as “ASEWO”.

Checking the history of the word, it has been discovered that the word is for the Yorubas. “ASEWO” is a Yoruba word which means “One who changes money”. But then, the way the word was changed to an insult is quite amazing and that is Nigeria for you.

There is most likely very few ladies who have escaped being called this name on several occasions. Funny enough these ladies may not have been caught fornicating. The ASEWO name is just an insult on the part of the men to the women. You see a woman doing her own thing and minding her business and suddenly someone would yell this name at her.

There are so many ridiculous situations below in which some ladies get to be called this annoying name ASEWO.


A lady’s choice of dress sense could call for such name. In Nigeria, the woman is expected to be decently dressed, unlike the American countries. As a lady, if you are not properly dressed then you should settle your mind that someone would likely call you “ASEWO”. It is also advised that you also stay away from quarreling in public as it is the insult you would get.


Overtaking a man in Nigeria as a lady means war ooh. Most especially when you do that in an expensive vehicle. You definitely would hear that name and more words like ” Because say man don dey see you and fuck you, that is why you dey show yourself”, or ” Asewo you think say nah your papa abi sugar daddy get road abi”.  For crying out loud some women work their ass out as some men do. They bought those expensive cars with their money oooh.

One of the greatest mistake to make in Nigeria as a lady is engage in a fight either in front of a hotel, going in or coming out. The reason is Nigerians have an awful mentality of a hotel and feel that anybody visiting a guess house went for fun (SEX).


Going to market in Nigeria could be very hectic an also annoying. The crowd in major markets in Nigeria can be mind-blowing, and talking a walk to check for what to buy might be quite easy. Some of the male traders make it more stressful and annoying when they pull, drag and even touch ladies. And when the ladies make a mistake to stop touching, dragging and pulling them wrongly, you would be surprised at their change. The once polite and sweet talking man shows his true colors and even in anger says ” See this Asewo wey I dey try reason matter with”


The words which come out of your mouth as a lady also matters a lot. Nigerians always expect the women to be very humble and respectful even to the words that come out of their mouth. so if as a lady you violate this order do not be surprised if you meet a greater match. A man who is ready to exchange words with you. And trust me there is no way all insults would come without the prostitute name calling.

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Ladies who are seen in bars taking drinks are regarded as irresponsible. I clearly remember a day my close friend visited me moody and when I asked her what was wrong, she narrated her ordeal to me. She went to a bar to grab some drinks as see how she could ease herself some of the day’s stress and trouble. Only for a man to want to join her on the same table, which she declined stating that she wanted privacy and wanted to be alone. This man flared up and started to insult her, asking


No doubt, this is not a white man’s land. Therefore finding a lady with him would get tongues wagging.

Being a lady, most Nigerians think that they are dependent on a man (either their parents or boyfriend). Having so much money or even dollars as a lady could get tongues wagging and could some people call you a prostitute.

Everyone has the freedom to move, to speak and even to dance. Discretion is also advised to be put into consideration to avoid been called different names.

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You might be beautiful, but then do not go around flaunting it like you are the only beautiful person in the world. Do not shout at people just because they do not appear as lovely dressed like you. Neither shouts at someone in a very bad manner simply because they did something to your beautiful skin. You might end up getting insulted and definitely not without the Nigerian first insult for females.

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